Creating Privacy Education Materials for the General Public

One of SPILab’s goals is increasing awareness around privacy issues among the general public, so that people understand what are the privacy risks exist and also are able to take actions to safeguard their privacy online.

To this end, SPILab has hosted numerous workshops, teach-ins, and ‘Privacy Clinics’ aimed at educating the general public around privacy issues in today’s digital age. Some are tailored to specific populations, such as workshops aimed at older adults. Others are aimed at more general audiences.

For these events, we have created numerous handouts and materials to aid in teaching on various privacy issues. Feel free to browse the materials below and use them!


Two Factor Authentication (Last Updated 27th October 2021)

Ad Blockers (Last Updated 27th October 2021)

Credit Freezes (Last Updated 27th October 2021)

Password Safety and Password Managers (Last Updated 27th October 2021)

Paying safely online (Last Updated 27th October 2021)

How to recognize and avoid online scams (Last Updated 27th October 2021)